The Volunteer Experience

volunteer experience


The VOV Program strives to go beyond the usual volunteer experience by incorporating transformative components that allow people to reflect on their work and explore new possibilities for their lives. Each person works at their placement for thirty-six hour a week. Four hours each week are dedicated to training, educational opportunities, community time, spiritual growth, activism, and learning community organizing skills. By harnessing individual talents and passions, VOV will help to people create a better future for themselves, and the local and global community. Here are a few of the dynamic tools that vov use to become change agents.



One-to-Ones, a cornerstone of good community organizing, are casual meetings over coffee or lunch involving two people who meet to consciously share their stories and their passions. Initiating one-to-ones is a skill that builds strong connections with leaders and other mentors in the Twin Cities area. This public relationship building is invaluable for the Workers and makes change happen.


Social Opportunities

Each year Program staff seeks out and offers various in- and out-of-town opportunities to enhance the social skills, knowledge and provide experiential learning. Past opportunities have included participating in area social conferences etc.


Serving Those in Need

Professional experience is a transformative part of the program. Each volunteer will serve in an area our nonprofit organization Mission is related to and needs. Current placement opportunities are described below. Placement info and options are not limited to listed placements and are subject to change. For additional information, email us