Mission & Values

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The Corporation is organized for the charitable support of spiritual, emotional, educational, and/or scientific purposes to share knowledge, skills and talents. The purpose is to provide an outlet for self expression and an opportunity to learn, interact and be entertained in a positive, progressive environment. We aim to execute good deeds globally, and strive to invoke a healthy long lasting positive change.



VOV, while at its core provides services aspiring music industry professionals (e.g, singers, instrumentalists, composers and producers). Our solutions consider the social, emotional, healthy development of talent and the need for interplay between the community.

We also:

1) understand, recognize, and appreciate the differences between artist
2) are aware of the life circumstances of various talented people
3) provide multicultural experiences
4) provide opportunities for people to interact with a “variety” of social demographics

The strength and influence of the pop culture in today’s society is undeniable. Yet, the ideas presented through our organization’s activities awaken the skills, gifts, talents and virtues that lay dormant in much of society today.