You can rent stroller, wagon, wheel chair,walker, Bicycle, and electronic convenience vehicle (ECV) at the vov’s North and South Gates. A cash deposit of $10 is required with our basic stroller and wagon rentals, while credit card information is necessary for all exclusive items including ECV and wheelchair rentals strollers, biclyes.

All visitors with small children are welcome, however, not all places can accommodate strollers, especially on busy days. Strollers are not allowed in certain areas ask a vov rep to Discover where those places are. Convenient stroller parking is available next to the entrances to all of these facility. Folding strollers are allowed on the vov designated spaces as it allows.

wagon   gold series wheelchair  electric cartstroller-goldgold chair bike wheelchair


Stroller & Wagon:
Wagon: Starting at $9.00
VOV Stroller: Starting at $8.00
Single Stroller: Starting at $10.00
Double Stroller :Starting at $12.00
Stroller locks are also available with deposit.

Wheelchair: Starting at $10.00

ECV: Starting at $25
We have a limited number of ECVs and wheelchairs for rental. Please call (800) 537.1177  to reserve an ECV or wheelchair in advance to assure one is available for your visit. Same day reservations are not accepted.



Take a tour & cruise in our luxury electronic custom Cart’s

Vov cart


As you might expect, we love four-wheeling around the VOV facility. When we’re not renting our electronic carts, we’re out exploring the hills ourselves because our carts make it so easy to see the sights and get to the amenities. Did you know that the property has so few cars (they’re restricted) that there isn’t a single stop light!

We strive to make it easier for visitors to enjoy this open-air method of transportation. Then we realized that people were having so much fun with the carts that  we should added some customs carts and other ways to get to areas. Now we offer Segways, plus tours that will help you explore by boat, zip line or Hummer. With all our tours, we pledge to provide personalized service and safe, happy travels on this magical mind blowing facility!

The VOV facility is original and only place that offer cart rental and tours with such wide and widest array of choices for unique and memorable experiences, including self-guided tours. Allow you and your family to escape and indulge in the beauty, adventure, history and culture of  VOV  today!

We pledge to do everything in our power to provide you with the best for your VOV tour cruise; to make your visit a personalized and unique experience; to provide outstanding service and help introduce you to the beauty, adventure, outstanding amenities, history and culture of VOV; and to do everything in our power to make your visit every bit as memorable as you hoped it would be.


Tour fees for carts range depending on demand (terms apply)

  • 4 Passenger cart per 1 hr  rental duration $43.00

  • 6 Passenger cart per 1 hr rental duration $63.00

  • 9 Passenger cart per 1 hr rental duration $89.00        


Check-in at our office 15 minutes prior to your reserved time. Carts will not be held after reserved time and rental will be based on a standby basis subject to availability.ONLINE purchases must be made 3 or more hours prior to electric cart reserve time.Online Customers: Pick up your cart at our “VOV” lot at the corner of the old target parking lot.

A electric cart is the best way to see vov 77 acres, since the use of cars is severely restricted. They’re also a lot of fun! Our easy-to-operate carts offer four–six and nine passenger seating, and will whisk you and your family or friends around town and into the hills overlooking  the VOV super natural view, where you’ll see amazing views of the coast and town. Our friendly staff will give you all the instruction you need to operate a golf cart and will provide a map of the area so you won’t miss anything. In addition, scenic tour signs mark the way. While some carts require our experienced staff to operate.

When reserving a cart, let us know whether you need a four-or-six passenger vehicle. Child seats are required and we can provide them, if you let us know when reserving the cart. (State law requires that children under age 6, or weighing less than 60 pounds, be in a child car seat.)  There is a limit of one child seat per vehicle, and it will be provided without charge.


electric cart electric cart