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By giving to Voices of variety, you make our organization stronger for everyone, dramatically expanding the impact and reach of our enduring mission and vision. Your financial support allows us to provide the kind of programs and services that turns the world to a better place. socially conscious leaders, while encouraging everybody to help somebody through our public service. Your contributions make a real difference in the lives of many. Your gift will help enable a future of millennia’s to become socially conscious and help them lead active and dedicated positive lives as citizens – leaders in their professions and communities and they will not forget to help somebody else along the way from the examples shown and the philanthropy giving to them

When you make a donation to Voices of Variety, you play an essential role in keeping Voices Of Variety free and open every day of the year.  Your memberships and donations support state-of-the-art care, worldwide helping people and wide-ranging educational programs/services for all “VOV” visitors.


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“VOV” is grateful to receive in-kind contributions. These can include donated professional services, everyday household items, items for special event auctions, or other unique contributions. Cars boats- music equipment  In-kind donations are tax-deductible at a value that you determine. Please contact “VOV”  or at 800.537.1177 ext#800 to donate your in-kind items today!


The VOV Program is funded through donations, fundraising, and grants from committed and appreciated supporters. While placement sites contribute to their workers, it is not enough to offset the cost of the program and services.

Among our benefactors are the Chicago and surrounding suburbs.  The “VOV” Program was founded in 2007, the “VOV” have helped shape the lives of youth and adults. “VOV” is striving to build a network of caring, engaged people. Mentored by “VOV” most gifted leaders and teachers, program participants live simply in the community, focusing on issues of social justice, developing leadership skills and pursuing their own dreams.

Donations, for which we are very grateful,

We’re founded to support and help people globally.

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An investment in Voices of Variety represents a friend with the world’s most-visited institution. Your support sends a message to employees, clients and the community about your dedication to helping to make a positive impact…