Musical Instrument Adoption


Show your support for Voices of Variety’s Free music lessons program with this adorable ADOPT combo pack! You’ll get three Instruments in one pack: a piano, a bass, and drums. Then visit the vov facility to meet your ADOPTs, view musical demonstrations and enjoy interactive learning stations in the Main vov hall!

ADOPTing this program of kids, support vow’s mission and vision that connects city kids to music for life. Your purchase also supports our world-class 24 hr day care & our free music & vocal lesson efforts.

Every ADOPT package includes a fun fact sheet, certificate of ADOPTion and a photo of kid and instrument. Other goodies may include a magnetic photo frame and a toy souvenir instrument he or she will learn.

Click here to ADOPT a instrument for our kid’s future life today!

Why Virtually ADOPT an Instrument for a kid from Voices of Variety?

Every Kid at the VOV facility receives:

  • Expert Music & Vocal instructions from Professionals
  • Specially formulated lessons in a diverse positive environment
  • Regular vov assessments to ensure each individual is progressing
  • Enrichment that prompts mental and physical stimulation and encourages Kids to exhibit  philanthropy and demonstrate positive behaviors consistenly in the world everyday

Your ADOPT donation helps pay for all this and more!

Digital ADOPT adoption


• High resolution JPG photograph of your Instrument of chose
• PDF personalized certificate of ADOPTion for you to print or email
• PDF fact sheet

Emailed within 3-5 days of your order

From- $35 – $3,000 Click here to Sponsor instrument for kid


kid hold certificate

Regular ADOPTcertificate


• Personalized certificate of ADOPTion
• Printed fact sheet
• 4×5 photograph of your sponsor printed on high-quality paper
• Magnetized photo frame

Shipped within 7-10 days of your order

From-$40 – $4,000 Shipping Included Click here to Sponsor instrument for kid

Virtual ADOPTcertificate


• Virtual souvenir of your chosen Instrument
• Personalized certificate of ADOPTion
• Printed instrument fact sheet
• 4×5 photograph of your instrument and sponsored kid printed on high-quality super paper
• Magnetized photo frame

Shipped within 7-10 days of your order

From $70-$7,000 Shipping Included Click here to Sponsor instrument for kid

*Includes domestic shipping only. For shipping outside the United States, please call the Membership hotline, 800.537.1177, or email;

To purchase one of these or many other special virtual ADOPT packages click an option above, visit or gift shop at Voices of Variety or call us. Don’t see your favorite instrument listed? Call us! Many kids and young adults are available for virtual ADOPTion in sponsorships of instruments.


Instrument ADOPT’s For VOV students

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