From the linens, menu and seating chart, down to the flowers and other personal touches, the Voices Of Variety partners and team is here to help you coordinate the details of your wedding reception.

Enjoy the Party

Whether you’re thinking a small poolside party or formal candlelit dinner, “VOV” can provide the ideal setting for the wedding reception you’ve been imagining. Our modern yet warm design creates a perfect backdrop for friends and family to have an unforgettable time. Choose “VOV” for your wedding reception today.

Eat Well

Before you hit the dance floor, please raise your glass and enjoy a delicious reception dinner with your friends and loved ones.”VOV” catering partners & teams will work with you to create a customized menu to complement your unique style.

Wedding Reception Tips

A little “variety” on the reception menu goes a long way. Consider adding an innovative vegetarian or vegan option for guests with special dietary needs.

And did you know that you could save money by booking your wedding during off-peak times? Check out our special off-season rates contact us.