Work Study


What is work study this a a room that is super clean , smoke free and quite to allow those to study in peace.    Zero tolerance policy no noise… this room is secluded and special world round sound proofing has been installed to insure you wont here a peep. The glass structure is specially designed to detect and canceled out.

 (The soundproofing materials we used to ensure you won’t here a peep)

Soundproofing is achieved with a wide “variety” of materials. Some materials are more effective than other materials, and quality materials tend to be more expensive as well. We assessed the need and our budget before deciding on the right soundproofing material for vov work – study. Here are some common soundproofing materials we used:

  • Textured Wall Panels: These panels are an easy way to reduce the amount of noise that travels through the walls of a business.
  • Carpeting: Carpet is great at absorbing sounds while still looking beautiful and homey. Installing the carpet was an easy way to prevent some noise from reaching the work study or vice verse.
  • Installed double pain Windows: which was a good and convenient solution.
  • Textured Wall Paint: The textured wall paint provided almost as much soundproofing as our acoustic panel, but it is a fraction of the cost.
  • Wall Hangings: Hanging decorative rugs and other tapestries on the walls , did reduce sound transfer and add beauty at the same time.
  • Soundproof Curtains: If a little stray sound was coming in from the windows, our soundproof curtains was a great way to keep it out.
  • Blanket Insulation: this is a product that is commonly used in home construction, we used blanket insulation to help prevent sound from leaking through the walls.
  • Acoustic Underlayments and Mats: This material was used under our room’s flooring to prevent stray sounds from bothering people in the work study.
  • Acoustic Slab: This dense and versatile material was used to keep sound from escaping through the floors, ceilings and walls.
  • Foam Panels: These panels may look similar to egg crate solutions, but they work significantly better and are hidden in the ceiling.
  • Resilient Channels: These metal rails collect and absorb sound so that it doesn’t escape through the walls. This material is also used in the glass structure
  • Soundproof Drywall: Made out of gypsum board and steel-like materials, this soundproof material worked a miracle it keeps stray sounds out.

The Advantages

The biggest advantage of our soundproofed room, Is it offers peace and quiet. Whether the noise is coming from inside or outside this room, it is always nice to be able to retreat to a quiet place and relax when needed. study in peace. Soundproofed rooms give thinkers privacy, and they allow them to go about their day without worrying about disturbing other people. Our Soundproofed rooms are just invaluable.