The Business Pledge

         When you succeed, will you give anything back to the world?

                                                                                     (The answer should be yes!)

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We’ve stripped away the barriers to charitable giving, making it easy for you to do good for others while your doing well Every entrepreneur
should be able to help make a difference. The Business Pledge makes that possible.

Jasen Brown Founder of “Everybody Help SomeBody”

Business owners who’ve pledged:

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Running a successful company today means creating social value as well as commercial value.

However, we know that startups often lack the time, resources, and support to give back to society.

The Business Pledge is the solution.

We are helping the smartest people in business make a difference even before they can write big checks.


Designed for startups that haven’t begun to consider an exit, from Seed to final stage.


Pledging takes 7 minutes or less and doesn’t require you to support our charity today.




Pledge now, give later: you don’t need to wait until you’ve ‘cashed out’ to make a difference.

  • We were put in this world to leverage our skills and abilities change the world, be it through business or through non-profit, it’s all for the betterment of society.


  • As a founder, I know time and money can be in short supply. The Business Pledge allows me to commit to doing good before I have the resources to do so.


  • The Business Pledge allows business owners to commit to “giving back” when they may be worth a lot on paper but very little (if anything!) in cash.


  • This is the easiest way to demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility and leverage your success for the greater good.


  • I adopted the Business Pledge because I want to raise awareness about the responsibility of entrepreneurs to give where there is need, recognizing the tremendous opportunities given to us


  • We were put in this world to leverage our skills and abilities change the world, be it through business or through non-profit, it’s all for the betterment of society.


  • As Business owners, we know time and money can be in short supply. The Business Pledge allows me to commit to doing good before I have the resources to do so.


Simple, flexible and tax-efficient.


The Business Pledge is a personal commitment made on an individual basis that doesn’t require board approval.


Select recipients at any point, anywhere in the world.


Eligible for tax Deductions 

We operate a 100% model.
Your entire donation goes to the social causes you nominate.

unless you choose to cover the processing fee of 3%

How it works

The Business Pledge is social impact made simple and takes less than 7 minutes:


Download and complete the Pledge Agreement indicating your level of commitment.


Select from Voices of Variety charitable Program (s) you intend to support if you know what they are; no need to decide today if you’re unsure.


Return the signed and witnessed agreement to us via email. That’s it!

Now you can focus on growing your business, knowing that your success means impact for a cause. Upon an exit, we’ll distribute your donation to the charitable cause of your choice or work with you to identify suitable causes.

Join Us

Now is our time to start to do more.



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The Fine Print

Pledge Agreement

  • The Business Pledge is a personal commitment, made on an individual basis.
  • The Pledge Agreement is a legal document in the form of a deed.
  • The pledge is not based on company equity and it doesn’t utilise a warrant.
  • The pledge is not on the cap table and it doesn’t affect voting rights.


  • The Business Pledge is fulfilled with cash, shares, or other securities from a pledgors personal proceeds following an exit event (sale, acquisition, flotation, or personal liquidity event).
  • The pledge is made directly to Business For Good. Upon an exit your gift will be deposited into our Donor Advised Fund, which is administered by Mr supporter.
  • We will distribute your donation in accordance with your wishes and will never publicly disclose the recipients or value of your gift without your permission.
  • There is no commission. There are no processing fees. Our 100% model means your money is having maximum impact.
  • Every exit is different and we are happy to work with you to ensure the fulfillment of your pledge aligns with your specific circumstances, whether it is a structured exit, partial exit, or something in between.


  • You can select from a list of VOV’s programs, & services we can receive your contributions in any currency in the world.
  • VOV is a registered charitable organization , your contributions will impact communities and individuals all over the world.
  • We can help you to identify, vet, and support best-in-class program or service that best fits your business.
  • You do not need to select programs and services at the time of the pledge, but if you decide to do so you can change your designation at any point and as often as you like.
  • If you’d prefer not to utilize your cash don’t feel left out we accept assets including but not limited to cars, real estate, boats, stock, bonds  .
  • In this case, you will need to select the recipients today and will not be able to change them. Please click here to request the direct pledge agreement.


  • The Business Pledge is managed and administered by EveryBody Help SomeBody, a  company limited by guarantee, which is registered in Cheyenne Wyoming.
  • Our CFO works with donors to facilitate their proposed giving, and make donations based on recommendations having independently evaluated their suitability.
  • Giving through our Donor Advised Fund has all the benefits of setting up your own trust without the cost or administrative burden. This allows donors to direct their giving in a more structured way.
  • EveryBody Help SomeBody is able to hold donations made following a business exit if the donor is as yet uncertain as to what charitable program or service to choose.

Tax Efficiency

  • For donors paying US income tax or capital gains tax, donations to Voices of Variety registered U.S. charity will be tax-deductible. See Government  Tax relief options when you donate to Voices Of Variety 501-c3 Non-Profit organization.
  • Gift Aid effectively increases the value of a gift by 25% provided sufficient US tax has been paid during the year to cover that.
  • Any gifts of a capital nature made to US-registered charities are exempt from capital gains tax. However, you should be aware that the precise tax treatment of any gift will vary according to its composition, which for business exits, will depend entirely on what has been negotiated as part of that commercial process.
  • Donors should seek independent tax advice to assess the precise tax implications of their giving.
  • A brief outline of the tax position can be found @ IRS .