Writing Center

This Program Mission

The Writing Center strives to build a writing community that empowers students with tools to become stronger, more confident writers.  At the Writing Center, we believe that writing creates dynamic opportunities to describe, reflect, interrogate, and revise the world we live in.  Writing well is about more than mastering a set of rules; learning to write is a lifelong process, and all writers benefit from sharing their works-in-progress with interested, engaged, and knowledgeable readers.  Our peer tutoring program provides students with feedback and individualized revision strategies for improving their writing – at any stage in the writing process.  Members of the VOV community can take advantage of the following programs and services:

  • One-on-one peer tutoring at any stage in the writing process:  understanding an assignment, developing ideas, revising a draft, or editing/proofreading.
  • Individually tailored revision strategies.
  • Opportunities for writers to identify error patterns and learn to correct their own mistakes.
  • In-class workshops on specific writing strategies/skills and other small group discussion about writing assignments.
  • Online tutoring for distance learners and students on the VOV campus.
  • Teaching, learning, and leadership opportunities for the Writing Center staff.
  • Faculty support for writing instruction.

Learning Outcomes for Tutors:

After working in the Writing Center, peer tutors will be able to:

  • Respond with compassion and optimism to a wide variety of student writing challenges.
  • Collaborate effectively with Writing Center staff, VOV Faculty, and others to build community around writing.
  • Demonstrate commitment to continuous improvement by developing and sharing their writing knowledge.
  • Develop, maintain, and improve the Writing Center resources and materials.
  • Understand the interconnected nature of the Writing Center, the University and the world both inhabit.

Learning Outcomes for Writers:

After one tutoring appointment at the Writing Center, student writers will want to return to the Writing Center for another session.  After multiple visits, student writers will be able to:

  • Engage in writing as an ongoing process.
  • Feel empowered to take ownership over their own writing.

Acquire strategies to improve a specific writing assignment or project.