Winter Break Camp

winter brake

 December 27
 December 28
 December 29
December 30


Come explore the wild amazing music opposites, from well know artist to indy! Each camp day is independent and has a different theme so campers can choose to attend one, two, three or four days.

Winter Break Camp offers exciting exploration opportunities for kids and music lovers in grades PreK-fourth grade. Each Winter Break Camp group will explore the vov facility and do activities to discover diversity, environmental teaches our humanitarian ways at Voices of Variety how we care for people & impact to people.


Active Voices of Variety members at any level receive a 15 percent discount on registration. Become a member today!

Full-Day Programs (first-fourth graders)
9 a.m.–3 p.m.
$68/day ($58/day for Voices of Variety members)

Half-Day Programs (PreK–K)
(PreK campers must be at least 4 years old at the time of Winter Break Camp.)
Morning Session: 9–11:30 a.m.
Afternoon Session: 12:30–3 p.m.
$34/day ($29/day for Voices of Variety members)

Registration includes:
Our Branded T-shirt
Healthy snack (possible snacks include veggies, fruits or crackers)

After Care
After care is available from 3–5 p.m. Campers stay after camp to play games, watch movies and visit applicable amenities. Cost is $20 per camper.

Cancellation Deadline
Monday, December 19
Voices of Variety adheres to a strict cancellation and refund policy. If, for any reason, you need to cancel your registration before December 19, a refund will be issued, less a 20% percent processing fee. After December 19, Voices of Variety will not be able to offer any refunds for cancelled registrations. If  for any reason “VOV” must cancel a program, full refunds will be issued.

Camp Scholarships

Voices of Variety offers a limited number of scholarships, ranging from partial scholarships to full scholarships which cover the cost of one week of participation. Please complete and submit an application to be considered for a scholarship.

Please note: scholarships are limited. Applying for a scholarship does not guarantee a spot in a program.

Application deadline: December 14

Download the Scholarship Application.


The overall theme for this week is ” Opposites.” Campers are divided by age group (PreK–K, first-second grade, third-fourth grade). Camp groups will explore the same themes each day but will participate in different hands-on activities appropriate to their age.

December 27: Nice and Mean
Have you ever wondered why some people seem to love life while others do not respect life? all people both nice and mean have a huge impact on the world around us in ways we may not even know yet! Come explore the views from a different perspective and learn all about why the teeniest good deed and the biggest are equally amazing.

December 28: Young and Old
The life span of a Human can last as little as a min or just long enough to reproduce. On the contrary, a human  can live well over 100 years! Most human’ life spans fall somewhere in-between, so what makes all of these people so different? Join us as we delve in to the world of young and old and find answers to these questions and more!

December 29: Hot and Cold
From the icy cold polar regions to the sweltering hot desert, all kinds of humans have evolved to survive in extreme temperatures. while most have clothes to keep  warm. Others  sweat to stay cool. In what other ways do humans manage to beat the heat and conquer the cold? Learn all about amazing human adaptations across the globe.

December 30: Quiet and Loud – music
When a person sings, what are they really saying? Peoples have many different ways of communicating—txt, screame,  gestures, facial expressions are just a few! But music isn’t the only way people can “talk” to each other. Singers can also communicate silently through gestures, facial expressions, colors,  vibrations and even heat! Campers will investigate the range of singers communication and what it all means.

About the Camp Staff

Each camp group is led by a vov camp instructor. These professionals have extensive experience working with children and a demonstrated commitment to connecting children to the natural world. Camp instructors facilitate all educational components of the camp day, but groups also have the chance to meet vov staff throughout the week, from musicians to mentors to scientists. vov volunteers will also support each camp group as they travel around the vov facility and participate in activities.