Insurance Requirements




Service Contractor will ensure its insurance policy covers any property damage caused by the insured, its agents, representatives and guest while at the Property. Service Contractor agrees to pay for any damages cases to Property by vendor, its agents, representatives and guests. Service Contractor agrees to waive any and all rights of subrogation against any insurance policies held by the insureds.

Service Contractor shall procure and maintain at its own cost insurance satisfactory to voices of variety for the duration of a project.

  1. Service Contractors working at and making deliveries to the site must submit to the vov board, before the start of work, an original current certificate of insurance naming the specific voices of variety project or projects and additional insureds (for Commercial General and Auto Liability policies) as follows:

Voices of variety Society in a public District

  1. Service Contractors are responsible for procuring and maintaining insurance certificates meeting the VOV’s requirements from their subcontractors.
  2. Products and Completed Operations Insurance shall be maintained for a minimum of three years after final payment and the Service Contractor shall continue to provide evidence of such coverage to vov on an annual basis during the aforementioned period.
  3. Miscellaneous Insurance Provisions: Unless otherwise provided, all insurance policies obtained pursuant to the Agreement shall:
  4. provide that the policy may not be suspended, voided, canceled, non-renewed, or reduced in coverage or in limits without thirty (30) days’ (ten days in the case of nonpayment of premium) prior written notice by certified mail, return receipt requested, to vov society global District;


  1. be issued by a company or companies authorized to do business in the State of Illinois with a Best’s rating of claims paying ability of no less than A: VII.
  2. All Liability Insurance Certificates should be provided on a primary and non-contributory basis and state the following limits of coverage:

Worker’s Compensation for Contractors and each subcontractor in Statutory Amounts for the State of Illinois.

  1. Service Contractor and each subcontractor must maintain Employer’s Liability Insurance in the amount of not less than $500,000 per accident and per disease.
  2. Commercial General Liability in the amount of not less than $5 million in the aggregate and $5 million per occurrence for Service Contractor and $2 million in the

aggregate and $1 million per occurrence for each subcontractor (Combined Single Limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage).

iii. Auto Liability in the Amount of not less than $1 million for Service Contractor and each subcontractor (Combined Single Limit for Owned, Non-Owned, and Hired Vehicles).

  1. General Aggregate Limits for Commercial General Liability, Auto Liability and Employer’s Liability Insurance may be satisfied by a party with any combination of primary and excess or umbrella liability polices totaling the amount of the required insurance.
  2. These are minimum requirements and may be revised only according to specific contract documentation. Service Contractor is responsible for coordination of all insurance certificates for all subcontractors. At vov’s request and additional expense, the Service Contractor may be requested to secure property insurance on a builder’s risk “all risk” or equivalent policy form.
  3. All Property Insurance Certificates should state the following limits of coverage:
  4. Builder’s Risk or “all risk” equal to the completed value of the project.
  5. Boiler and Machinery insurance identifying specific insured objects pertinent to the project.

iii. Loss of Use insurance in an amount to be specified by the vov board.