Volunteer Rewards



This is how VOV will compensate completed works in the volunteer reward program.

Volunteer Rewards program operations are as follows; each person will have a rewards card. Each time they work or help others in our specific program or services. What’s it in for you the points you collect o are redeemable at our sustainability facilities.  The amenities include all of our amenities from go-carts, game rooms, our family entertainment center bowling, pool tables, skating, 33 million dollar recording facility, work out center, and our online shop center. Events to host at our venue…. Our restaurant, in-house photography.  Point system levels very depending on –job type. Hours worked. Job completion. Our card has three levels of volunteers.


                                   Rewards Card   vov black card

  • Level 1 Gold Card
  • Level 2 Red Card
  • Level 3 Black Card

  1. Drive VOV truck- to help seniors and low-income family’s move.
  2. Break down clean up and construction labor. For homes that are boarded up/foreclosed in our communities
  3. Lawn care and paper pick up in the community… abandon houses etc
  4. Marketing and campaigning for vov… social media outlets this is rated per share/like — flyers—brochures
  5.  Facility clean up include carpet glass paper pick up all janitor duties etc
  6. Music teachers , vocal-lessons and instrument instructions
  7. Snow removal for seniors vehicle and home.
  8. Community clean up paper glass sweep.
  9. Garbage thrown away, alleys, and grass cut leaves racked,