Meet Our Donors

“Dr. Jasen Brown has donated well over a decade of this time and money towards making “VOV” possible. He has been working fearlessly to develop, brand, market, advertise, create plans, network, brainstorm ideas, and research so that Voices Of Variety will be the largest and the best organization globally #EveryBody Help SomeBody 🙂

Dr. Jasen Brown

“My mother-in-law was a tireless champion of education and community improvement,” says Tammy.  “She has always been an inspiration for me and now for my four daughters as well.”

It’s hard to overstate the effect Mary Phillips had as an unceasing advocate for impoverished children and education. “Mrs. P” mobilized her community while working as a high school librarian to nurture the college dreams of thousands of students and for decades actively supported Chicago State University.

Her daughter-in-law Tammy Phillips wanted to honor her mother-in-law’s memory by continuing her generous tradition. Through the donor-advised fund she and her husband, Houston, established with us, she is furthering many community projects that her mother-in-law would have supported, from college scholarships to library improvements to a community swimming pool.

Tammy’s daughter even penned her college application essay about her grandmother’s kind and giving spirit. So in addition to the countless lives made better by “The Grand Lady of Chicago,” Tammy has the satisfaction of knowing that her mother’s legacy is alive and well in the hearts of her children.

Tammy and Houston Phillips opened their donor-advised fund with V.O.V. as a more straight forward tax-wise alternative to continuing to manage their own private foundation.

Tammy and Houston Phillips

“When you are helping somebody else it is as if you were doing it directly to Jesus,” says Alline Brown.

Harry and Alline Brown’s commitment to introducing students to the arts is simply second nature.

The V.OV. donor looks forward to inspiring a new generation of youths to the magic that is music.

“I think introducing students to music at a young age is a great thing. V.O.V. is special because it’s a combination of the music and the experience of being there and being able to interact. I’m thankful for the opportunity to provide this experience for students,” Harry said.

Harry has supported youth programs and countless other area arts organizations.

Harry believes his drive to open students up to new creative possibilities is as much of a gift to him as it is to them.

Harry and Alline Brown

In corporate philanthropy, Jameson Brothers Music Store has an ear for youth arts education. Research has shown that students receiving arts training graduate at higher rates, score higher on the SAT, are better creative problem solvers and become engaged civic leaders. Voices of Variety was established to strategically invest in organizations providing support for arts education for underserved youth.

Voices of Variety is proud to partner with Jameson Brothers Music Store through various funds for their corporate philanthropy. To date, Jameson Brothers Music Storehas provided over $10K in grants for our charitable efforts. One of Jameson Brothers Music Store’s core organizational values is “Be All Heart.” By partnering with V.O.V., they have ensured that their philanthropic heart will continue to beat stronger than ever.

Jameson Brothers Music Store