Support Programs


Provide support for a specific area of need you are most passionate about.

Live healthy Live Longer

All people need a considerable amount of support from family members, other loved one’s and friends. Support to finish school, find work, maintain relationships, lose weight, and achieve other goals they’ve set for themselves. Although they may never live “normal” lives, “VOV” will encourage a healthy lifestyle and life changing positive habits to adopt that can help people achieve independence and improve their quality of life.

Making just a few changes in your lifestyle can help you live longer.

“A recent study found that four bad behaviors—smoking, drinking too much alcohol, not exercising, and not eating enough fruits and veggies—can hustle you into an early grave, and, in effect, age you by as many as 12 years”.

Fortunately, you can do something to correct these and other unhealthy behaviors. Adopt the “VOV” Live Healthy – Live Longer program, Let our partners help you turn your life around and create a positive habit towards keeping your body healthy, fit, last but not least looking and feeling young.

The  “VOV”  cares about you and your love ones.


Community Rebuilding & Violence Prevention 

Why? In many communities, there are limited sources of positive entertainment. Statistics show that per every 100,000 inhabitants 7.6% of them will face intentional homicides.

This program helps to prevent and or replace gun violence with performing art’s  classes and many opportunities and events. Free dance lessons, music lessons, writing, acting plays etc and other positive events to counter youth and young adults idle time.

What will ‘VOV’ do? Offer mentoring programs in communities hardest hit by gun violence.

replace gun violence gun control

Global Devastating  & Catastrophic Events



Easing the anxiety after a tornado. Although the town is being repaired its still a disaster stitched in the minds of those who lived it. The anxiety often triggers them to ask “could this be another tornado or flood?” VOV will demonstrate music & events to ease the nerves of parents and children.

After you’ve been through an event like this you become more sensitive

Safety precautions

This event we will partner with a pro to talk about the facts and what to do and where to go if this ever happens again, so there’s a positive outcome. Recognizing the importance of learning about severe weather safety is the first step presentation. While some people in the community suffered a bit harder than others, we still want to learn and let them learn. It doesn’t hurt to get extra knowledge on anything.

Many people have lost there friends and family to the cause of mother nature.

How will we help? VOV will sing and perform music to help cancel out sad remembrances. Help them to take mind off self-accusing and superstitious thoughts. Example; this would not be if I had only been there!  through music VOV will Help them view setbacks as opportunities.


Why will “VOV” help? 

Because: The more a person dwell’s on negative thoughts, the more developed negative neural pathways become. The result can be chronic preoccupation, sadness, or even depression. Vov would like to help inject positive thoughts through music. Just as you don’t immediately indulge every pang of hunger, its possible you can put off sad remembrances . vov can help this through music

Because: Through music Vov can Effectively engage and share with people that the difficulties that didn’t incapacitate them will make them stronger. Researchers completed an intriguing study that illustrates just how profound and widespread the effect music has on people. Studies show you can die of a broken heart; and losing a loved one doubles the risk of heart failure or stroke.

Because: Music matters. That’s what research has shown us. VOV will be a pioneer in the use of music to influence positive change. VOV will create many combinations of incredibly catchy melodies and thoughtful tunes that connects to the people. Does music heal emotional suffering? Research says yes. Further, music therapy has demonstrated efficacy as an independent treatment for reducing depression, anxiety and chronic pain.


There are several mechanisms by which music can have this effect. One, music has several positive physical effects. It can produce direct biological changes, such as reducing heart rate, blood pressure, and cortisol levels.

Also, studies suggest that exposure to pro-social lyrics increases positive thought, empathy, and helping behavior. The message in a lyric such as “We shall overcome” may be able to reach more people than all of the psychotherapists in the world combined. While some studies have proven that music can have a positive effect on social behavior as well as mental health issues


‘Bucket Boys’

street musicians


Who are they?

The ‘Bucket Boys’ are a group of street drummers that use their skills to escape the crime and poverty of their neighborhoods. However, instead of playing the drums, they play on buckets.

Their talents are wonderful but thousands of people shuffle past the ‘Bucket Boys’ every day without noticing all the hours they’ve clearly put into perfecting their skills.


The majority of the bucket drummers aren’t actually licensed to play in the street and in subway stations; which is why they regularly have to avoid being ejected or arrested by the police.

Many city ordinances restrict where and when street performers are permitted to perform. ‘VOV’ would like to be a filter for the development of such talent.


How will ‘VOV’ help?

VOV’ would like to exchange their paint buckets for real drums then help them hone their craft and provide a platform for the ‘Bucket Boys’ to perform.

Homelessness Prevention/ Transitional Housing Assistance    homeless

There are people around the world who don’t have a bed to go to at night after working hard the entire day, and they have no option other then out in the streets to get a night’s sleep.

Why? Many low-income families that need to move oftentimes have raised all the money they can on securing homes or apartments, leaving them no money for the small expenditures that occur when moving.

How will ‘VOV’ help? ‘VOV’ will rent a moving truck and provide a driver to help that family.

‘VOV’ would like to help with transitional housing for the homeless, by creating a program to help each person.

‘VOV’ will refer and or create a successful housing assistance program for our homeless clients.



Family Care Assistance

child care child care


Why? Many working parents and single moms and dads need regular and emergency afterschool care for their children.

VOV can be that extra hand that, while giving kids free music lessons, provides positive entertainment while parents make a few runs. The Family Care assistance will help moms and dad’s that would like to take night shift jobs now “VOV” can help them accomplish being able to maintain..


Attention Artists, Art Supporters and Music Lovers!


VOICES OF VARIETY or ‘VOV’ is ready to break ground!

‘VOV’ is going to be the pinnacle of professional recording, music development and artistic creativity using state-of-the-art gear with no financial obligation. We will do this with YOUR free will donations!

‘VOV’ is a registered 501c3 nonprofit. Imagine a place where you can record your songs, rehearse your band/group, set up a live studio cd release to a small listening crowd – especially selected by you and even get a professional picture taken for your album cover! (Terms apply). this will allow participants to get free music lessons and give them an opportunity to be productive in music while leaning and interacting in a diverse progressive enviroment.

 Music therapist

 Music Therapy

You might be shocked to hear that there is also a therapy named “Music Therapy”.
This therapy is used to improve the physical and mental health of a patient….
Music therapists primarily help clients improve their health in several domains, such as cognitive functioning, motor skills, emotional development, social skills, and quality of life, by using music experiences such as free improvisation, singing, and listening to, discussing, and moving to music to achieve treatment goals.
If a person having mental trauma or like some bad past this therapy is useful for them…..
Seriously it’s a secure and most perfect therapy.You can find these type of therapist in every city.It is available in hospital most hospital
“Listening to music before, during and after surgery reduces patients’ pain, eases anxiety and lessens the need for painkillers, British scientists said Thursday”.
This will allow a team of musicians to attend various hospitals and nursing homes to sing and perform music and allow for client participation for betterment of their condition and overall health

Healthcare and Public Health

we work with children and their families to provide comfort in crisis, safe venue and spaces and healthcare and mental health counseling for bright strong futures.

A VOV worker will work with seniors to promote independence, wellness and coordinates services that help manage a positive and happy complex time conditions. The position focuses on health and holistic wellness (physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, vocational and social) with aging populations through a personally designed approach that recognizes and builds on each individual’s unique strengths

As an Assistant/ Volunteer at “VOV” work in community department, as a Spanish Language interpreter, assist with intake and assess eligibility and help facilitate the day to day of a program.  
Additional special projects are created with “VOV” program Worker which will be based on interest and need.


Project for Pride in Living

As part of VOV’s Supportive Housing Team, work alongside program participants and empower them to meet their most basic needs and achieve their goals in education, digital literacy, financial independence, employment, and enrichment activities.

VOV’s  Volunteer Services engage community and volunteer groups and residents in projects to support the maintenance and improvement of high-quality affordable housing; working with communities to create programs that identify project needs, recruit groups, and plan, implement, and evaluate projects.

Work with “VOV” help Program in providing single mothers and their children with support for a career-track education, quality early childhood education, a safe and affordable place to live and empowerment and life skills training.


Learning In Style • The Children’s Room

As a Teacher’s Assistant ,work with Adult Learners in the classroom and the computer lab to further their learning and work with their children, supervising the care of the children, paying close attention to their health, safety and developmental needs and the cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds of the families served.


Opportunity Center

As an Employment Navigator, you will help the program participants with one-on-one and in group settings to increase their employability, find gainful employment, and ultimately strengthen their financial stability.


“VOV” Council

“VOV Council provides civil legal advocacy and supportive services to victims of stalking, human trafficking and domestic and sexual violence in a knowledgeable, empathetic manner.


EveryBody Help SomeBody

This program objective will Work to provide meals to the less fortunate.


The Health Program

The program educates to help conduct classroom presentations to middle school, high school and college students about eating disorders, media and healthy living at every body size.  Also, help maintain the organization’s online presence and manage volunteers.


The Auto Garage

This program offers people a vehicle out of poverty by providing free or low-cost quality car repair, offering skilled job training in the field of auto mechanics and connecting with community partners to strengthen and support  the entire network.



The variety programs coordinates the social work outreach and activities. we plan to serve more than 77 families each month.  Set seasonal donations for this program for families, and work with the “VOV” Time Enrichment program serving youth with a blend of recreational and academic enrichment activities.


 Mentoring Children Of Incarcerated Parents


  • Criminal Justice: Arrest to Incarceration and Impact of Incarceration on Child Development
  •  Family Dynamics and Kinship Caregivers
  • Cultural Competence and Children of Incarcerated Parents
  • Positive Youth Development and Mentoring

Program Director Michael Banyard- Call now to find out how: (323) 495-8915

Startup Program

This program invests in people across the US by funding community initiatives and fostering collaborations to create social change. The Service includes communications, development and grant writing resources. Helps connect people with resources to make their dreams become a reality 🙂


New American program

Work with pre-arrival of the incarcerated including planning (Bridging scheduling, shopping, apartment set-up, groceries job connection/ volunteer opportunities) The “VOV” program staff will coordinate and assist with the client core needs “VOV” will service and delivery which may include driving clients to appointments etc.


Results program              

This program will focus on promoting awareness and education, taking action and providing opportunities for others to take action that leads to systematic change.