24-Hour Child Care


Early Childhood Education Center

Voices of Variety understands the challenge of balancing work, school and family life in today’s world. In order to help you meet this challenge, VOV is pleased to offer the exceptional services of The Early Childhood Education Center, managed by the VOV Family trust Solutions. The Early Childhood Education Center consists of a committed staff, a new state of the art facility and flexible schedules to care for and educate your infant, toddler, preschooler or kindergartner.

The staff at VOV knows how important responsive, consistent care is to children. The infant room is a nurturing, stimulating environment in which your baby has individualized expert care. Toddlers are given an opportunity to grow through interactive play, sensory experiences and an introduction to reading. Your preschooler will have lots of hands-on learning, be encouraged to ask questions and will practice their new language and motor abilities. In the kindergarten classroom, children are challenged academically as their skills continue to grow, and teachers are committed to preparing the youngsters for full-time school.

VOV offers care for, staff and faculty open 24 hrs day and 7 days week.

The Early Childhood Education Center is supported by EveryBody Help SomeBody. For more information, please call (800) 537-1177  EXT; 800