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Be advised: A minimum of at least 12 Month’s recurring commitment.


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Voices of Variety is a 501c-3 all Partnership donations are tax deductible.

Get ready to not only feel special but partner up with transformation. Your loyalty to the community will not go unnoticed.

Now, you can enter the inner circle of the doers,

This is an exclusive group of individuals that instead of watching bad things happen, you’ll stand to support in helping prevent them from even taking place.

Open only to our top “VOV” doers

Participate in the creative process, answer surveys that can positively impact youth, Enjoy exclusive hands-on opportunities, special access to events, programs, custom newsletter updates, your pic added to our social media albulm, individual name or company logo advertised on our social media pages and website, and more surprising benefits!!!

Secure your spot in the V.O.V Partnership program and start reaping the benefits today!

Your benefits or R.O.I & Expected outcomes!

The Less; Less youth involved in violence & crime, Less youth in the streets doing negative things, less youth using illegal drugs, Less youth posses and seeking guns, less youth having sex before age appropriate, Less youth stealing, Less youth being incarcerated, Less youth deaths, Less youth bullying others.

The More;

More youth interested in college, More youth understand right from wrong, More youth having jobs, More youth helping others, More youth share love, More youth exemplifying Respect, More youth understand their purpose, More youth creating positive environments, More youth possess techniques to de-escalate fights & disagreements. More youth being involved with the community, More youth caring about their community, More youth being positive & productive, More youth educated, More youth with enhanced self Esteem.

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