Community Trips


Don’t Stop Exploring – Field trips the community can travel to.

plane vov 

This will be an event where children and all ages can see how things are created. And learn new things with a multi-cultural also be in a positive envirment and doing good things…. Some it may be the first opportunity to get out of their communities others just want to be apart of a positive group to escape the issues and violence surrounding them…

We will even pick you up for trip v.i.p style in our Tricked out hummer.


  • Visit the farm – view day to day operations
  • Visit the zoo-
  • Visit the recording studios – Visit major studios all over the world
  • see ford  make cars start to finish-
  • See how fuel is made-
  • See Nasa how it works-
  • See the stars- how it works explanation
  • See how food is made-
  • Where does money come from-
  • See and learn the galaxy-
  • Learn about God- church services- bible studies all over the world
  • See how plans work-from building to driving
  • Learn how a piano is made
  • How are drums made
  • How did they make a saxophone
  • What was the first instrument made?
  • See music museum all over the world 


Have a seat in our custom tricked out vip first class plane section  (terms apply)

plane vip section