Will Planning Wizard

Sixty percent of Americans die without a valid will. That usually means state laws take over and distribute their probate estates according to generic formulas that have nothing to do with the decedents’ wishes.

Don’t let that happen to you.

This Will Planning Wizard begins the will preparation process. It does not create a will or a legal document. Instead, it guides you in collecting and organizing your thoughts, information, and documents before you visit your attorney.

(Please note that some states allow an individual to compose his or her own will, but it is wise to employ a qualified attorney. A will is one of the least expensive legal documents, and a well-written one could save your heirs a lot of dollars and hassle.)

To protect your identity, the Will Planning Wizard will not ask for your Social Security Number. None of your information is captured by the Wizard or stored on file. However, if you exit the Wizard before completing it, all of your information will be lost and you will have to start again.

Ready? Click “Begin” to start.

Already have a will? Want to amend it? Download a sample codicil. (Begin) coming soon.. we will purchase this package from planned giving.. 🙂 thanks for your patience..

Important Information

  1. If you cannot answer some questions, simply leave the space blank.
  2. When done, the Wizard will generate a Microsoft Word document with your information organized. Save it to your computer (File > Save As, and choose Desktop).
  3. The Will Planning Wizard consists of 19 pages. For your convenience, the Wizard can be downloaded in PDF format and printed so you can fill it out by hand.

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